ART 231: Fundamentals of Art

The graduate should recognize that the world is diverse, that there are many cultures, religions, and economic systems as well as unique human beings. This understanding and appreciation of diversity should lead to good judgment, a sense of empathy, and self-reliance.

General Studies Goal
This course acquaints students with fundamental concepts of art for teaching at the elementary school level. The course is oriented toward two-dimensional work, and designed to prepare the students to carry on a creative art program for teaching young beginners. Students will have hands-on experience with beginning phases of drawing and painting.

Course Description
ART 231 is designed to provide general education students with philosophical and practical basis for teaching art in public schools. Lecture, discussion, studio art projects and class activities will focus on the role of art in children´s lives and the role of the teacher in nurturing artistic expression through the development of skills, processes, and knowledge of art.