David Ogega Nyaberi
PhD (Art Education)

Tel : 217-721-8926
E-mail : dnyaberi@dnyaberi.com
Work Experience

August, 2008 to Date: Lane College, Jackson, Tennessee
Position: Assistant Professor of Art Education

  • Formulated and implemented an art education syllabus aimed at equipping general education student teachers with diverse approaches to teaching art.
  • Student advising and coordinating academic programs and activities between Art Department and Department of Education.
  • Serving in Teacher Education and Studies across Curriculum committees.

August, 2005 to May, 2008: University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois
Position: Teaching Assistant

  • Mentoring and supervising student teachers by providing model-teaching methods in art education.
  • Facilitating and preparing student teachers to meet the Illinois State Board of Education standards and protocols for teacher certification and licensure.

November, 1995 to December 2001: Kericho Teachers College, Kericho, Kenya
Position: Art Instructor (Teacher Education)

  • Interpretation and implementation of the Kenya Institute of Education syllabus, and preparation of curriculum units for pre-service primary teachers.
  • Mentoring and supervising student teachers during teaching practice in accordance with the Ministry of Education standards for primary school teachers.

May 1991 to October, 1995: Tabaka High School, Kisii, Kenya
Position: Art Teacher (High School)

Initiated and supervised art programs as per the Kenya Institute of Education syllabus, and taught and prepared high school students for national examinations administered by the Kenya National Examination Council.


2004 to 2008: University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois
Doctor of Philosophy in Art Education (Graduation May 2009)

2002 to 2003: Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
Master of Arts in Art Education (Graduation December 2003)

1988 to 1991: Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya
Bachelor of Education in Fine Art (Graduation September 1991)

Publications & Presentations

Nyaberi, D. O. (2009). A Policy Analysis of Formal Education in Modern Multiethnic Kenya: A Case for Cultural Hybridization. In A. Arnold, A. Kuo, E. Delacruz, & M. Parsons (Eds.). Globalization, Art, and Education Anthology. NAEA: Reston, VA

Nyaberi, D. O. (2009). An arts-based educational framework for fostering intercultural unity in Kenya. Dissertations & Theses: A&I database. (Publication No. AAT 3363047).

Nyaberi, D. O. (April 18, 2009). Unveiling the Masks: A 21st-Century Discussion of African Artworks in Art Class. Presentation at NAEA Conference, Minneapolis, MN.

Nyaberi, D. O. (March 28, 2008). Art as an Inter-cultural Hip Experience: Lessons from Postcolonial Africa. Presentation at NAEA Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Nyaberi, D. O. (May 4, 2007). An arts-based educational framework for fostering intercultural unity in Kenya. Presentation at the Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, Champaign, IL.

Activities and Interests
Internet: Online instruction http://www.dnyaberi.com/moodle
Research: Development of pre-service art teacher programs and advancing school curricula and the role of these programs in fostering cross-cultural understanding and harmony.
Student Clubs: Re-activated the Lane College Art club to provide opportunities for students to engage in afterschool art activities.
Ekegusii (native) Swahili (second) English (fluent) Spanish (intermediate)